Nouveau sur frozenway

Hello. I'm a foreign student living in campus.
I couldn't log into your servers at first but I ran a diagnostic tool and it changed some settings.

Direct / Secure / Without proxy / Default domain / With resolving.....FAIL (Operation canceled)
Direct / Secure / Without proxy / Default domain / Without resolving.....FAIL (Host not found)
Direct / Secure / Without proxy / Default IP address.....OK

A configuration has been found, click 'Save changes' to set up.

Is it safe to use without proxy? Also I find only 1 server ( which is from France )that I can connect to. Is it because of the free version?
Thank you for your help


  • Hi and welcome,

    Without proxy means that you have no proxy on your network, it is not a security purpose. And yes, you can only connect one server because of your free account cause the others free servers are blocked since some users have done such illegal things.... They will be up soon.
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