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Hello @Frozen,

Before some days I had a problem with a game that called "WarFace" that not letting me join a room game, every 1 of 2 games was getting stuck in loading screen, so I saw a video on youtube that a guy fix it by using FrozenWay, so I did download FrozenWay and its actually fixing the problem but its causing me a high latency and I cant play with it, I guess its because your server in France, so my question actually if I can connect to an Israeli server, there is posted servers in Israel:
I just need to use your software to join those servers, is it possible?

Thanks ahead.


  • Hi,

    It seems that you are using the Free plan which limits your bandwitdh to 128 kbps. I think this is the main problem. Try a premium plan (7 days money back guarantee) and you should not have latency problems anymore.
  • yea I understand that, but Im not really gonna pay to play warface, can you maybe just help me to fix my problem? if your software is fixing my problem just tell me what your software is doing? its seems like it skips the firewall or something, by the way my windows firewall is disabled so I dont know how its fixing the problem, can you help me with it?
  • FrozenWay is a VPN provider. It helps bypassing a firewall or any restrictions on network. If you are connecting from your PC, from home and your ISP aren't using firewall, then you should not have any restriction. Did you try to disable your antivirus ? Did you check your router configuration ?
  • yea the problem is that my ISP is using firewall and I just wanna bypass it, exactly, so actually I dont really need to use your servers, just bypass my firewall, do you know how to do it?
  • You can't bypass a firewall without using a server. Your data needs to be encapsulated in order to fool the firewall and must be desencapsulated by a server. You can use VPN like FrozenWay, or other tunneling protocols and methods like http proxy server, socks tunnel etc. But you'll always need a server to desencapsulte and send data to the final server (game etc.).
  • But can I use your program but not your server, I mean use your program to connect to a server because when I defined a proxy in the LAN Settings on Internet Options it didnt changed anything, I think I need a software to do it, So is it still required a advanced user to use your program for other servers? I have to buy from you an unlimited user?
  • janvier 2020 modifié
    VPN/proxies works like this :

    PC <== encapsulated data ==> VPN/Porxy server <== normal data ==> Final server (Website, game server etc.)

    Your firewall is between PC and VPN/Proxy server so it doesn't see the normal data and can't filter them.

    FrozenWay only works with its servers.

    You said in your first post :
    every 1 of 2 games was getting stuck in loading screen
    So, it is working sometimes ?

    Maybe it's not a firewall problem but a NAT problem on your router. If you are at home on your PC, you should not have any problem playing a game...
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